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Our OnAir Hosts

Some of our Hosts are featured on TAVN Jazz, while others are featured on TAVN FreeForm. PLEASE review current schedules


Janine Santana

Jazz with Janine, What's New, The Afro-Caribbean Influence

As a Jazz percussionist and recording artist, Janine has an intimate understanding of the music shes play on her shows, and clearly finds joy in bringing that same authenticity to her listeners. With every show she delivers something new and exciting, whether it be interviews with a legendary jazz musician or a fresh new sound from an up-and-coming artist. As the CEO of, Santana is dedicated to bringing quality programming to my listeners. Tune in and experience the magic of jazz music with her fun style and her amazing guests.

Allen Scott

ALL That's Jazz

Allen's professional career spans decades as a broadcaster in both radio and television. He has worked for two major networks and media outlets in Houston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. He was the “voice” of Jazz Aspen Snowmass for more than 20-years and now resides in Colorado Springs.  Allen is passionately dedicated to the honor and privilege of sharing jazz music and stories with his listeners on-the-air and of course, through this podcast:

"All That’s Jazz."

Mike Canton

Mike Canton is the host and producer of The Soul Show, which was founded in 1995 by his friends Don Patterson and Stef Chatman.  During his tenure, Mike has delivered a restless, eclectic bent to this presentation of soul, jazz, hiphop, reggae and more.  Over the years, listeners have come to expect not only great music, but also thoughtful narrative and commentary about each week’s playlist.  

Joseph Hochreiter
Free Form Philly

Joe is an Environmental Scientist (hydrologist) who provides private-sector and government clients with effective scientific and engineering solutions to their environmental challenges. Joe lives in suburban Philadelphia with his wife, Eileen. Their two musician, adult children live in Philadelphia and Washington, DC. Joe has decades of experience in governance for social-service and arts non-profits, starting in 1985 with the Board of Directors of the local chapter of the Red Cross, where he managed Disaster Services and founded the community’s Homeless Shelter. He is Past President of the Board for the non-profit Youth Orchestra of Bucks County, whose members include 275 of Southeastern PA’s most talented young classical musicians. In 2014, he joined the Board of Bristol Riverside Theatre (professional, Actors Equity theatre in greater Philadelphia), where he served as Board Secretary and Vice President. Joe developed and managed the Philadelphia All-City Orchestra’s first-ever international tour (Italy) in 2015, and served on the Board of Project 440, the non-profit created in part to support the music students in Philly’s public schools, founded by Joseph Conyers of the Philadelphia Orchestra. Presently, Joe is a founding board member of the No Name Pops, the new successor to the sunset ‘Philly Pops’, founded 40-years ago by Peter Nero. Since March 2021, Joe hosts the show ‘Free Form Philly’ on TAVN Free Form, a world-focused, genre-blending show that also highlights artists from the greater Philadelphia market. Joe also uses this show to periodically interview new and seasoned professional musicians in Rock, Americana, Jazz, Classical, and Blues.

mooke interview_edited.jpg


Jazz with DJ Danalog 

DJ-DANALOG has 36 years Jazz radio experience. His programs always feature varying mixes of New Jazz, Old Jazz, and Everything in Between Jazz, including generous samplings of Blues and Latin Jazz. We want the DJ-DANALOG program to be the place where you hear your favorite tracks, but also the ones that are going to be your favorite tracks. I've been a Jazz fan for over 50 years, and I find that the music never disappoints me. It's always authentic. When I invest in the music, it never lets me down.

Herman Morris

On a corner off of Memory Lane is the home of Herman’s Hideout where Herman serves up a wide assortment of classic album rock including the deep tracks you may have forgotten that you also loved. Wednesdays and Fridays. And if that isn’t enough, tune in Tuesdays and Fridays for Herman’s Classic Gold, where you’ll hear the history of Top 40 over four decades along with his expert commentary.  Consult our on-air schedule for the broadcast times.


Andy Skellenger

Lingua Musica

Andy Skellenger is a professional tabla player, studying Indian Classical music since the age of 18. Andy created the business building custom cajon drums. Immersed in flamenco and modern methods of Cajon playing, he eventually became a sought-after flamenco percussionist. In recent years he has added other instruments including the West African Kora, and Ngoni, and the Steel-drum inspired Handpan. He founded the group “Kortet” whose debut cd builds around his Kora playing. Andy has performed and recorded with some of the biggest names in Indian Classical Music, flamenco, and global fusion. His show, Lingua Musica, celebrates music as a universal language. It seeks to find the commonality and beauty in all forms of music; anything from Classical to Hip Hop, traditional Thai music to the newest Afro-Pop, all according to the tastes of this rhythm obsessed percussionist. Listen on TAVN Jazz at 8 pm MST Mondays and Fridays, and on TAVN Free-Form at 8pm MST on Thursdays.

Live At The Bop Stop

Local artists from BOP STOP!!! The Bop Stop at The Music Settlement is Cleveland's premier listening room: an intimate, acoustically pristine performance venue with sweeping views of Lake Erie. WINNER of All About Jazz's "Top Jazz Club In The United States" 2019 WINNER of Cleveland Hot List's "Best Jazz And Blues" 2017, 2018, 2020 WINNER of Scene Magazine's "Best of Cleveland: BEST JAZZ CLUB" 2015, 2016 WINNER of the FOX 8 BUZZ LIST "Nightlife Spots" category, 2014

Radio Free Dave is an enigma. An enigma wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in a burrito. Now one knows where Radio Free Dave came from. Some have said Canada, others have said Australia.  Still others have said Berwyn. (Berwyn?!) There are even some who say he was born in the back seat of a Greyhound bus, rolling down highway 41. But regardless of where he’s from, you can find him playing music right here on But, you ask, what does he play? The answer is simple: Whatever he wants to. On Tuesdays he plays both kinds of music: Rock AND Roll, generally from the 70’s and 80’s. On Fridays, he gets Under the Covers with the best in Not by the Original Artist music you will hear all week. If you want to know more, listen on Tuesdays and Fridays at 7pm Central.

The New Hot Donna

Psychedelic Groove

Already feeling groovy or just wanna be? Kick back and tune into Psychedelic Groove with The Next Hot Donna! She’ll take you on a psychedelic journey through the 60s, 70s, and today, playing psychedelic, garage and any type of rock that speaks to and from her soul! She also shares fun facts and/or information about the bands so if you like what you hear, she’s got you covered. Catch her on Fridays from 5-6pm MST. Stay Groovy & take it easy!

Radio Photo DBlaushild.jpeg

Musical Odyssey with Dave Blaushild: Vintage Favorites to the Cutting Edge

Dave grew up on an over inhabited island in the Atlantic Ocean. From its western shore, diverse musical sounds wafted through the air from New York City. Being in the New York metropolitan area, the exposure to all different genres of music was amazing. Top40 filled the air, as did progressive rock along with folk, blues, jazz, R&B, Soul, Reggae, World Beat, and more. Dave has hosted shows on WERS, Boston, MA (Folk, Blues, Free Form), WAER, Syracuse, NY(Jazz/R&B) and for the last 27 years, has hosted a variety of shows on WYEP, Pittsburgh, PA. He currently hosts an overnight show on WYEP (91.3fm, - Wednesdays Midnight ET - Thursday 4am ET). Dave is pleased to be working with The Arts Validation Network, bringing all sorts of music from vintage favorites to the cutting edge, to the listeners on this Musical Odyssey. Make sure to Tune In, and Hang Out!

       with Jeff Woodruff

Jeff Woodruff comes to TAVN Free-Form radio from a career in broadcasting and symphony orchestra management. He produced and hosted a classical music program on KMTN-FM in Jackson Hole, WY for 20 years. He subsequently was on staff at the Grand Teton Music Festival in Jackson Hole, the Florida Orchestra serving the Tampa Bay region, the Houston Symphony, and then served for 17 years as executive director of the Harrisburg Symphony in Pennsylvania. He grew up in Los Angeles and is a graduate of the University of Southern California. Jeff lives in Carlisle, PA with his wife, Susan.


Tania Bikerman
The Song Thread


Tania started DJing as a college student on WUVT at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA. Her first weekly show highlighted 20th Century classical music. She soon moved on to hosting a weekly Jazz program, and then finally to the evening mix. Later in life she managed a record store, hosted and produced a weekly music mix on WYEP in Pittsburgh, PA, and also booked, promoted and produced the Music Beacon Concert Series – featuring national and international Americana acts. When not working for a national telecom company, she, along with her husband, attends as many concerts as their schedule and bank account will allow. The Song Thread, on TAVN Free-Form, is a 2-hour show where a theme is chosen by Tania and that theme threads through the songs played. Every music set will have at least one song that fits the theme. Themes can be broad ("Firsts - songs from artists' first albums") or narrow ("Artists that have a color in their name") or personal ("Artists Tania has seen in concert in the past year"). In every show listeners can expect to hear music from a large variety of genres and decades.

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