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About Us

TAVN is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit,

                     Registered in Colorado, USA  November 2022.                   EIN: 92-0843795 

The Arts Validation Network, ( is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to supporting and promoting musicians, performers and visual artists and their work by providing them with platforms for performances, community education and validation. This work also nourishes the audiences and students of these arts.

Our Story

TAVN founder Janine Santana is a conguera, a stage actor, and a radio host who comes from a long line of musicians and performers. She grew up in a community where both well-known and unacknowledged artists came together to create and to endorse the artist and the audience coming together. This is what sparked her dream for creating The Arts Validation Network. It was logical to begin with music because Janine‘s background, and her prior 20-year internet music radio venture (My VS Radio) was well-established. 


However, TAVN aspires to eventually present and support the creative arts in many other formats. For example, The Sun Ra Project is a weekly interactive immersive experience in Denver. It brings together musicians, including Dr. Hugh Ragin, who was part of Ra’s band, to perform in a multisensory light art gallery (see our website for more details). Audience members are treated to music, stories, film, and a dazzling light show. This is one example of the kind of multi-art template that TAVN has in mind.


Our research tells us that people are looking for something beyond the

predictable models that define contemporary radio. Our two stations are dedicated to provide increased diversity and present artists and programs in the spirit of risk-taking. TAVN’s approach gives our on-air hosts and performers abundant artistic freedom, not restrained by national trends and ‘targets’ to hit. In turn they share their knowledge of excellent music, both known and surprising. Our target is to be community driven and supported, and to reach places that genuinely connect the artists and the audience together; the essence of validation.


Currently, we broadcast two streaming radio stations--TAVN Jazz and

TAVN Free-Form. By ensuring that the artists are fairly compensated

and the diversity of our communities are well-represented, TAVN and

its supporters are keeping the Arts vital and relevant today’s society and introducing new generations to what is possible to hear, see, and experience.

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